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Programa Artist(s) Tema
Prg 5x01 Fish The Company
Prg 5x01 IOEarth Insomnia
Prg 5x01 Riverside Saturate Me
Prg 5x01 Spocks Beard The Center Line
Prg 5x01 Steve Hackett The Return of the Giant Hogweed
Prg 5x02 Tim_Bowness Sing_To_Me
Prg 5x02 Next To None Control
Prg 5x02 Big Big Train Wassail
Prg 5x02 Iron Maiden The Red and the Black
Prg 5x02 Iron Maiden Empire of the Clouds
Prg 5x02 Osanna Palepolitana
Prg 5x03 Arabs in Aspic One
Prg 5x03 David Gilmour In Any Tongue
Prg 5x03 Muse The Globalist
Prg 5x03 O.r.k. Funfair
Prg 5x03 Queensryche Guardian
Prg 5x03 The Aristocrats Smuggler's Corridor
Prg 5x04 Between the Buried and Me Famine Wolf
Prg 5x04 Cortex Complex World To Come
Prg 5x04 Delirium Il Castello del Mago Merlino
Prg 5x04 Frank Zappa Dance Me This
Prg 5x04 Frank Zappa Pachuco Gavotte
Prg 5x04 Haamoja Woah! (feat. Matt Harnett)
Prg 5x04 Panzerballet Typewriter II
Prg 5x05 Mechanik Howl
Prg 5x05 UFO Lights Out
Prg 5x05 Antimatter Comrades
Prg 5x05 Nad Sylvan Echoes of Ekwabet
Prg 5x05 Nemo Coma
Prg 5x05 Purposeful Purpose Crossing Into The Unknown
Prg 5x05 Shepherds Of Cassini Mirrors Have No Memory
Prg 5x05 Shepherds Of Cassini The Almagest
Prg 5x06 Rush Bastille Day
Prg 5x06 Rush Anthem
Prg 5x06 Rush The Trees
Prg 5x06 Rush Jacob's Ladder
Prg 5x06 Rush Working Man
Prg 5x06 Rush 2112
Prg 5x06 Rush Red Barchetta
Prg 5x06 Rush Xanadu
Prg 5x06 Rush La Villa Strangiato
Prg 5x06 Rush The Weapon
Prg 5x07 Rush Test for Echo
Prg 5x07 Rush Armor and Sword
Prg 5x07 Rush Ghost Rider
Prg 5x07 Rush Natural Science
Prg 5x07 Rush Crossroads
Prg 5x07 Rush The Garden
Prg 5x07 Rush Time Stand Still
Prg 5x07 Rush Tom Sawyer
Prg 5x07 Rush Animate
Prg 5x07 Rush Distant Early Warning
Prg 5x07 Rush Red Sector A
Prg 5x07 Rush Manhattan Project
Prg 5x07 Rush The Pass
Prg 5x07 Rush Ghost of a Chance
Prg 5x08 Anglagard Jordrok
Prg 5x08 Caligula'S Horse Dragonfly
Prg 5x08 Chato! The Story of Suzy Speedfreak Acts I, II & III
Prg 5x08 Colin Bass At Wild End
Prg 5x08 Djam Karet  
Prg 5x08 Mystery A Song for You
Prg 5x08 Scale the Summit Trapped in Ice
Prg 5x08 Vanden Plas 19teen Circle Of The Devil
Prg 5x08 Yuka & Chronoship Stone Age
Prg 5x09 Herba D'Hamelí Claritat
Prg 5x09 Unreal City Oniromanzia
Prg 5x09 El Tubo Elástico Rojo
Prg 5x09 Anekdoten Get out Alive
Prg 5x09 Arena How did it come to this -
Prg 5x09 Beardfish If We Must Be Apart (A Love Story Continued)
Prg 5x09 David Gilmour Dancing Right In Front Of Me
Prg 5x09 Eric Baule Band Release From Duality
Prg 5x09 Eric Baule Band Spring Disease
Prg 5x09 Von Hertzen Brothers You Don't Know My Name
Prg 5x10 Comedy of Errors Comedy of Errors - 12. Spirit (single)
Prg 5x10 Gazpacho Gazpacho - Know Your Time
Prg 5x10 Jaga Jazzist Starfire
Prg 5x10 Joe Satriani Shockwave Supernova
Prg 5x10 Pharmakon Shabda 1
Prg 5x10 Symphony X Without You
Prg 5x11 Alejandro Matos Anclas
Prg 5x11 Coheed and Cambria The Audience
Prg 5x11 David Bowie Blackstar
Prg 5x11 Endless Tapes Il Guardiano
Prg 5x11 Glazz Shinkasen
Prg 5x11 Moongressive The End
Prg 5x12 The Rare Sound Machine Stonaco Minimata
Prg 5x12 La Curva Di Lesmo La Posa Dei Morti
Prg 5x12 Moontauk Humanoide
Prg 5x12 Poire Valhalla
Prg 5x12 Subbsignal Everything Is Lost
Prg 5x12 Terrestre Carne Cruda
Prg 5x13 Dream Theater 2285 Entr'acte
Prg 5x13 Dream Theater Moment Of Betrayal
Prg 5x13 Frequency Drift Treasured
Prg 5x13 Headspace Secular Souls
Prg 5x13 Martigan Simplicius
Prg 5x13 Pervy Perkin I Believe
Prg 5x13 Profuna Ocean Hanging in the Balance
Prg 5x13 The Mute Gods Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
Prg 5x14 Alms U'ula
Prg 5x14 Borknagar Panorama
Prg 5x14 Dream Theater Lord Nafaryus
Prg 5x14 Dream Theater Three Days
Prg 5x14 Farmhouse Odissey Dante
Prg 5x14 Manoel Macia El circo infinito
Prg 5x14 Riverside Towards The Blue Horizon
Prg 5x15 Casualties of Cool Moon
Prg 5x15 Dante Finally
Prg 5x15 Leviathans Nodus Tollens
Prg 5x15 Manoel Macia & Rafael Pacha Aqui hay Monstruos
Prg 5x15 Steven Wilson Don't Hate Me
Prg 5x15 The Tree Nile Abar Ami
Prg 5x15 The Tree Notun Shomoy
Prg 5x15 Thenighttimeproject Among Reptiles
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Jerusalem
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Barbarian
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Toccata
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 - 1st impression [part 1]
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 - 1st impression [part 2]
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Trilogy
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Hut of Baba Yaga
Prg 5x16 Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Great Gates of Kiev
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Hand Of Truth
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tiger In A Spotlight
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Endless Enigma (Part 1)
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Endless Enigma (Part 2)
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Desde la vida
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Fugue
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Farewell To Arms
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Canario (From Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre)
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Fanfare For The Common Man
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 - 2nd impression
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 - 3rd impression
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Mars, The Bringer Of War
Prg 5x17 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pirates
Prg 5x18 Apple Smell Colour I'm an atom in the world
Prg 5x18 Ciconia The Forgotten
Prg 5x18 Farmhouse Odyssey Calligraphy
Prg 5x18 Groove Therapist In A Dark Alley
Prg 5x18 Groove Therapist Mr. Funker
Prg 5x18 Groove Therapist Terrified And Ashamed
Prg 5x18 Groove Therapist Drop D.
Prg 5x18 King Crimson Pictures of a City
Prg 5x18 Magni Animi Viri Without Breath
Prg 5x18 The Third Grade Deeper, Darker - 07 Snowfall
Prg 5x18 Trans Siberian Orchestra Not Dead Yet
Prg 5x19 Rick Wakeman Sober (feat. Billy Sherwood & Jürgen Engler)
Prg 5x19 Circus Maximus After The Fire
Prg 5x19 Hiromi In a Trance
Prg 5x19 Lubianka Ouroboros
Prg 5x19 Maieutica Sahara, Pt. 3
Prg 5x19 Trettioariga Kriget Behold The Pilot
Prg 5x20 Knifeworld High Aflame
Prg 5x20 Zingira Bazen benin ilargia
Prg 5x20 dCoded The Message
Prg 5x20 Eight Bells Landless
Prg 5x20 Hostsonaten The Ascension
Prg 5x20 Messenger Oracles_Of_War
Prg 5x21 Savatage Overture
Prg 5x21 Savatage Sarajevo
Prg 5x21 Savatage This Is the Time
Prg 5x21 Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Old Castle
Prg 5x21 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Blues Variation
Prg 5x21 Barclay James Harvest Rock N' Roll Star
Prg 5x21 Dream Theater Caught In A Web
Prg 5x21 Eloy The Midnight Flight - The Victory
Prg 5x21 Muse I Belong To You-Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix
Prg 5x21 Pendragon The Pleasure Of Hope
Prg 5x21 Tompox Meteorite
Prg 5x22 Ayreon Day_one - Vigil (Live in Rotterdam in IX 2015)
Prg 5x22 Long Distance Calling Trauma
Prg 5x22 Long Distance Calling Lines
Prg 5x22 Haken 1985
Prg 5x22 Lemon Parade Marblehead
Prg 5x22 Manoel Macia Distancias
Prg 5x22 Manoel Macia Hespérides
Prg 5x22 Radiohead Daydreaming
Prg 5x22 Right After the Experiment Nº Q Human Machine
Prg 5x22 SRP Trópico de Cancer
Prg 5x22 The Claypool Lennon Project Mr. Wright
Prg 5x23 Arena Enemy Without
Prg 5x23 Arena Running From Damascus
Prg 5x23 Arena The Visitor
Prg 5x23 Arena Valley of the Kings
Prg 5x23 Arena Only Child
Prg 5x23 Arena Sirens
Prg 5x23 Arena Solomon
Prg 5x23 Arena The Healer
Prg 5x23 Arena Welcome to the Cage
Prg 5x24 Arena Witch Hunt
Prg 5x24 Arena Painted Man
Prg 5x24 Arena This Way Madness Lies
Prg 5x24 Arena An Angel Falls
Prg 5x24 Arena Moviedrome
Prg 5x24 Arena Opera Fanatica
Prg 5x24 Arena The Butterfly Man
Prg 5x24 Arena The Hour Glass
Prg 5x24 Arena The Shattered Room
Prg 5x24 Arena The Tinder Box
Prg 5x24 Arena Traveller Beware
Prg 5x25 Pervy Perkin T.I.M.E. (Part 1 - The Experiment) (Part of the Experiment)
Prg 5x25 Crystal Palace Confess Your Crime
Prg 5x25 Face The Maybe The Island
Prg 5x25 Frost Nice Day For It
Prg 5x25 Hawkwind All Hail the Machine
Prg 5x25 Hawkwind The Machine
Prg 5x25 Huis Synesthesia
Prg 5x25 Infinite Now Fear Of Your Words
Prg 5x25 Katatonia Takeover
Prg 5x25 Mind's Doors Australis World II. Rusted World
Prg 5x25 Paul Bremner The Wings of the Angels
Prg 5xB01 Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic  
Prg 5xB01 Banco del Mutuo Soccorso Il giardino del mago
Prg 5xB01 IQ The Narrow Margin (LIVE)
Prg 5xB01 Iron Maiden Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Prg 5xB01 Liquid Tension Experiment Three Minute Warning
Prg 5xB01 Liquid Tension Experiment Three Minute Warning [Continued]
Prg 5xB01 Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother
Prg 5xB01 Tangerine Dream Madrigal Meridian
Prg 5xB02 Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons
Prg 5xB02 Genesis The Fountain of Salmacis
Prg 5xB02 The Flower Kings Meet the Flower Kings - The Truth Will Set You Free
Prg 5xB02 Mystery Through Different Eyes - i) When Sorrow turns to Pain
Prg 5xB02 Premiata Forneria Marconi Dove...Quando...(Parte I)
Prg 5xB02 Rick Wakeman Hercules
Prg 5xB02 The Tangent Titanic Calls Carpathia
Prg 5xB02 Transatlantic Duel With The Devil
Prg 5xB03 Haken Celestial Elixir
Prg 5xB03 IQ The Last Human Gateway (remaster)
Prg 5xB03 King Crimson Lizard
Prg 5xB03 Martigan The Contract
Prg 5xB03 Mike Oldfield Incantations Part One
Prg 5xB03 OSI The Thing That Never Was
Prg 5xB03 Par Lindh Project Mundus Incompertus
Prg 5xB03 Rick Wakeman Judias Iscariot


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